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That's Not It!

Petty Gone Wrong

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Fight Fire with Fire". Today we laugh, glorify it calling it "Being Petty".

In my years I have concluded that for relationships to be successful, it requires maturity.

A mature person is hesitant to retaliate. They value what's important and ultimately know that setting things ablaze only leaves ash. For them playing with fire, "being petty", is the sign you're not in love with that person. Love covers mistakes and faults, it looks out for others.

Think about how many relationships degrade or disintegrate because people just had to say their piece? If everyone is throwing away pieces eventually you have nothing left.

The person who doesn't return fire ultimately is the stronger person.

Being petty might make you feel great at the moment, and you may win the battle, but you will surely lose the war. You can't be petty and say you love that person. That's not Love, that's not it.

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