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Sweat the Small Stuff?

It is interesting seeing bible verses help in many ways. For example, verse the little foxes destroy the vine". This is a warning that small negative things can destroy us slowly from the inside. These little things go unnoticed, grow, take root, and affect us in the wrong things.

I realized the principle can be used positively. There's a project you don't care to work on?...Break it up into pieces. You have a huge goal before you?...Make smaller goals. The little things can add up in our lives, bad or good.

Psychologically there's something about seeing the completion of a project or goal. It is chemically stimulating and gives a since of accomplishment. Some would see a large task, lose heart, and stop before they get started. By seeing the small pieces completed to you feel the achievement, and move to the next thing. We will ultimately be more productive and get the most out of our life experiences. Isn't that what's it about?

-Pastor A. T.

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