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It's Time To Let Go!

The Bible reminds us to remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old because God is doing a new thing.

We struggle to let go of old thoughts, hurts, and ties at times. Sometimes you need to learn to forgive the situation, it happened...may have even happened recently, but ask God for forgiveness and live. There's nothing gained by remaining in that hurt, no value-added.

Other times we need to learn to forgive people, old ties, relationships, family. Only one person gave you life, not your father nor mother, but God. Yes, parents were used to bringing you into the world, but you are nothing without the breath of life and skills God has provided you. No human can keep you from being free, they didn't create you, so they don't own you. You belong to God, no one else, be free for Him.

This brings me to the last point, you have to learn to forgive yourself. You may carry baggage, but you choose to carry that baggage. The Bible often references the need for us to release things back to God. Because we were never built to carry those burdens. Whatever your guilt is, your freedom will start with you.

Learn to forgive your past, ties, and yourself because God Himself is waiting to forgive you.

-Pastor A. T.

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