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What’s in your Wallet?

Before I lose anyone, off the jump I'm not talking about money. I'm just saying the Bible reminds us that where our treasures are, that’s where our heart is. It also states what we speak is what is really in our hearts. If you'll allow me to combine these two scriptures we get this; We can find untold riches that could be used in our daily lives.

When we speak life into a situation, we change the atmosphere where we go, it could be with your countenance alone, people are enriched. When we have moments we're not our emotional best ("in a funk"), it doesn't go on notice. People are concerned about you because you bring wealth and value to their existence. A person whose heart is rich is like the bouncing star to their Super Mario Brother. They need you in their life. Your life is a gift, but God has called you to be a light to their world. You can't be duplicated, you are that important.

Now I caveat that with, like money, not using your heart frivolously. Everyone is not qualified to handle your heart. Too often we trust untrustworthy people with our valued treasures and wonder why we're mentally, emotionally, even physically bankrupt. The vault is emptied on things that will provide no return interest.

Here's the Goal, first, we make sure we built up in the word, and relationship with Christ. and those he's placed in our path. Secondly, we share our hearts with others. The world is better when we share our treasures, none suffer lack. Lastly, if abused, we mark the person, where they are, and reconsider whether we want to cast our treasure before swine, (it's in the bible), and have them trample our heart, or avoid. Remember you and what you carry is too valuable to waste. It’s a lot to consider, but we can’t give our treasures away so foolishly. What’s in Your Wallet?

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