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Unwanted Inches!

What do you really believe about yourself? Why? At times we're more skilled in our ability to talk ourselves out of the things that benefit us, than to actually do them. We mean well, make plans, but ultimately ourselves and many others change our mind.

We forget that we control our world, how to see it, how you react to it, all up to us. Aside from God, the greatest power in the world is you. No one controls how you feel, think, or believe other than yourself.

It's easier to complain about what others have done, instead of what you have or have not. I personally have arrived at the point where no one can hurt my feelings, because I am and I alone control my feelings. What they say or think is their reality..."you think you're this", "you think you're all that". As if they somehow elevated to Godhood and know what you're thinking. None of that has anything to do with how God sees you, or you see yourself.

Our minds are equipped to handle any situation. You have the power to thrive where others have failed. Consider this, no matter what you're going through, someone else, has already been through it. The difference is how you decide to go through it. What you believe matters.

If you say you can't you are right, if you say you're right. What we believe also becomes what we attract. When you realize how strong you are, you will never believe the lie you're not, even if you're the one who said it.

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