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Too Soon To Sell

Recently I engaged in purchasing stocks, and I do see the benefits. These are my quick (life) thoughts.

1. Historically the stock market has always gone up. So no matter what's purchased, or when purchased, eventually it will rise.

2. Unless you sell it at the lower price, you haven't lost anything, you just have to wait.

We care for the waiting, but the Bible says we process our souls by waiting.

3. Lastly, The amount of return is based on the amount you invested. If I buy 1 share at $1, and it goes to $2, I've made only $1. But, If I buy 1000 shares, the gain is $1000.

Your life is like the stock market with ups and downs, but as long as you invest in what is good and right, you will see the reward. When things seem they're most difficult, don't give up, invest in the positive. The amount of how much you invest in these things determines the amount of the reward. Remember, we reap what we have sown. Please sow properly, sow big, and don't sell too quickly, you're future self will thank you.

-Pastor A. T.

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