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The Way You See IT?

If you've ever bought something of value you'll attempt to get the best deal possible. We'll keep our eyes open for that particular deal, we're patient, we research, we'll find the right store, then make our move. The process for our life should be the same simple right?

Unfortunately, we don't focus on ourselves, we see others making moves, doing great things, seemingly getting ahead, yet we remain where we are. We'll talk about their achievements, not realizing what they have is for them, and it's their time and season. We should focus on ourselves, what God would have for us, consult the Lord, wait until it's clear on HIS timing. Knowing God's plan is best for us.

At the very least appreciate the example that it can be done, ask God the plan, then focus. If we don't we may miss out on our opportunity.

Today we take the time to congratulate our friends, family, even enemies on their success. By doing this, we'll see life differently, and see our moment for our blessing is closer than it appeared.

-Pastor A. T.

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