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The Hero You Need!

We're only here (this planet) for a little time, so we really have to consider what we do for with our time. There is nothing wrong with helping others, blessing others, but at times we can feel lost and forgotten.

I am here to encourage you, it won't be this way always. Yes, there's a time to give to others, but there's a time to give your yourself. Preachers call this the "cave experience", as Bible records people finding themselves in caves, coming in one way, leave out better than before. Now though it may seem dark, damp and dreary, there's also safety, security and salvation.

It's safety because you are protected from all natures unforeseen circumstances. It's security because there is only one way in and one way out. Enabling you to focus forward, knowing there is nothing behind you (your past), that can stop you. It's salvation, because it allows you to regroup, recover, and rethink your way into a positive mindset.

In this cave you are rebuilt by the hand of God, and will find yourself not looking for another to be the Hero, because it was within you all along.

-Pastor A. T.

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