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The Greatest Investment?

I was told as parents children are our greatest investment. Sounds good in principle, but not in reality. Consider this, If I plant apples, I don't expect oranges, and if I plant flowers, I don't expect trees. We receive a return on your investment only based on what's been invested.

We must seek to constantly better ourselves, for ourselves and others. Today's message is a reminder to continue to strive for greatness, and never let up. Honestly, children live what they learn, so the best thing I can teach my child is to constantly improve, develop and reevaluate myself. I have to be honest with myself, when I miss the mark, note it, and adjust on target

Your greatest investment is in your spiritual, mental, and physical development. God would have us take care of the Body, Soul, and Spirit he gave us. If we want to be our very best, we must continue to see the investment value in our lives. Invest Better, Do Better, Live Better!

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