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Microwave Success

Could you do me a favor? Name something that tastes better cooked in a microwave versus an oven, stovetop, etc. Honestly, I'm interested to know. Although it's quick, easily obtained, it doesn't have the same quality, richness, or experience as other methods.

Our life is much the same, we want things to happen quickly, money, weight loss, love, and more. However, if obtained in haste, without understanding the process, it will go as quickly as it came. One study stated most lottery winners are broke within 5 years. The same with weight loss, that's usually two years, plus extra.

It's the process, and our minds that are the issue, and both require time to develop. This goes against what society pushes, trying to have it all, and have it now. We don't realize sustained results can be longer and more transformative. This is only obtained from a process of dedication, and a focused mind.

A focused mind is not swift to move on to meaningless stuff that goes against their goal. They understand what they desire and have designed a clear process to get there. Our world is full of distractions, we're not taught to finish. Even now as you read your mind might wander to another task. You might say, I "Multitask", but studies show that people who "multitask" take longer and do a poorer job, than those who don't.

Athletes are great examples of following a process and dedication, Long before you see them on TV, they've clocked tens of thousands of hours in their field. That's why they get paid more, we enjoy watching their success. Likewise, people will enjoy your work, and you will see your growth through your focused mindset and commitment to the process.

I always say "It's not easy, but it's worth it"...assuming you don't want it tasting like it came from microwave.

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