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It Will Change...

Led to post a video message from the Lord, here's the follow-up. We go through things, even if you seem to have everything, there's always something not connecting. I don't know anyone who has it all, but I do know the One who knows it all.

God spoke and said tell my people, that if they give themselves completely over to Him, their whole life would change. We get partial blessings based on partial commitment. We want marriage benefits, but treat God like the side piece. Only wanting him, when we want some. I remember a song called Midnight. It's about people who only call God in the dark times. Yet when it's going well, we don't hit him up, don't talk, don't communicate. New number who dis?

Do you know who gets the call at midnight? The side piece, the booty call, the one you don't take home to Momma. God is not your booty call, GOD IS NOT YOUR BOOTY CALL! When you submit your ways, to be his ways, everything changes! IT WILL CHANGE....when we do.

-Pastor A. T.


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