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Hope You Hear Me!

Who helps the strong? While the strong help everyone else? Confession Tuesday on a Late night Monday, I struggle, I have my moments too. Last I checked still very much human, yes I've learned to control things like how I feel, but seeing? I'm not there just yet.

We all get attacked at times, internal thoughts, or spiritual warfare, at times it feels the same. I remind myself who you serve, and your obedience to his teachings. I encourage myself, allow me to encourage you.

Follow this analogy for a moment, psychologically when I get on the scale I want to see those numbers fall. I want to see progress, based on my discipline actions. In those situations, I tell myself "stay the course", "the life I live now beats the old".

Likewise, despite my life around me, (friends, family, loved ones), I know that if I stay the course I receive the prize. I remind myself that it's not what I see, it's what I know and believe. I know better is for my life, and change will visit my door. Like the scale, I believe I'll see the positive affirmation from what I've invested. I'm Hopeful

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