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Found You?

Daily it seems I run into people who are unfulfilled, uninspired, and

Found You!
Looking for Myself!

seemingly stuck in the mud. Conversely, I also encounter those who are full of life, passionate, and motivated to get all they can from each day.

What's the difference? Simply speaking, they found themselves...

In the biblical story of the Prodigal Son, a young man decides to leave home, and experience life on this own. His father allows him to go, live it up,

and even sends him with plenty of money to do so. Sounds good right? So what's the issue?

The Son wasted all of what his Father had even him. He found h

himself in situations that he should never be. He lost focus on who he was, what he should be doing, and his purpose.

A key point in the story is that it states, "He came to himself", another version said he came to his sense. Essentially he found himself, stating he

would return to his Father. His father was so happy that he returned to him that he blessed him even more.

If you have moments, where you are not passionate, motivated, inspired about your life, you have to ask yourself...Have I found my true self?... Am I doing what he has sent me to this planet to do?

If not, just like the prodigal son, you are a Child of God, and you must return to your Father for direction, purpose, and blessings.

Just a Thought...

-Pastor A. T.

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