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Control Freaks Welcome!

Who doesn't enjoy a good gift? I believe we all do. It could be because someone thought of you, or maybe it's because it didn't cost you anything. If I can get it for free or with little effort then what's the issue?

Well, the problem is receiving at times can put you at a disadvantage. What do you mean Preacher? If the receiving person because reliant on others, they soon forget what they can control themselves. For example, waiting on love you, learn to love yourself. Waiting on them to appreciate you...learn to appreciate yourself. Waiting for them to tell you words of affirmation...look yourself in the mirror and affirm yourself.

I refuse to have to wait on another human for my own happiness. We have mortgage away control of our happiness to someone else. We have long relationship discussions saying what we need from them but have we done them for ourselves. My saying "We teach people how we want to be Love". You do that by first loving yourself as the ultimate example. Why? Because that's all you can control, you can't control how others see you, or even treat you. You can only control what you do, and what you allow.

If someone loves you, that's good, but if you learn to love yourself, that's better. Life is choice-driven, and they may not always be with you. However, you'll live on and need to recall what you can do for yourself. Why not start now? My desire is that we begin to invest in our lives. When you control that, you, your life, and your world will be a better place.

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