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Chasing Pavements!

At times, the fear of missing out, aka F.O.M.O., causes us to run to or away from situations in our lives. We may feel we're missing out on a better life, while another feels there's nothing better, thinking they've invested invest too much to walk away. Understandable considering we don't know the future and don't know if a change is better for our life.

I speak only from my experiences when I say...I hate repeating things, especially bad things. I rather bank on new, move on, and forward. Especially, when historically these situations have a track record of undesired behavior. I reason no one comes to the planet to be stressed and tortured. I have no intentions of going to Hell, and I would rather not experience it on Earth.

You only have one life, your time is precious. We choose to live our life with whomever we desire. Aside from family, we chose the people and life we want. If things are to be, it will be up to me. Ironically the phrase "Beating the Pavement" implies getting out there and work done. The song "Chasing Pavements" implies running in circles and ultimately getting nowhere. Which Pavements do you intend to work on today?

-Pastor A. T.

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